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Kingwell Fibre Materials Co.,Ltd is a globally recognized Source of Chinese Top Standard Fiberglass & Silica & Ceramic Fibre Products for High Temperature Applications,We’re expertized in R&D and manufacturing the following products :

1,Fiberglass Filtrations for Aluminium Casting
2,Silica Mesh Casting Filter (Smokeless Carbonized)
3,Fiberglass Woven Products
4,Fiberglass Welding&Fire Blanket
5,Fire Hood for Downlights
6,High Silica Fiber Products
7,Ceramic Fiber Products
8,Ceramic Foam Filters
9, Graphite Rotor and Shaft (Various Graphite Products)
10,Coated Abrasive Products


We serve many FORTUNE 500companies for years,our products meet the most demanding requirements,we’re dedicated to offer ourSuperior Products at Competitive Prices to all over the world.
Please contact Kingwell today to discuss your needs with the prestigious professional.

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Kingwell Fibre Materials Co.,Ltd Main Products :combo bag, fiberglass filtration, silica mesh, welding blanket, fiberglass, silica fiber, ceramic fiber, abrasive
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