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Fiberglass Welding&Fire Blanket

Welding blanket is made of fiberglass fabric,which has good construction and endurance of high temperature from 1,000℉to 1,800,it’s designed to help protect personnel and equipment near welding operations.

Various treatments are available such as heat treatment, silicone coated,acrylic coated,vermiculite coated. After treatments, the welding blankets give higher temperature resistance,and reduce the tendency for molten metal to penetrate the fabric and improve abrasion resistance.

Various size and thickness can be customized on request.


Light duty welding blankets: 12.7oz, 18oz

Medium duty welding blanket: 24oz

Heavy duty welding blanket: 36oz, 52oz

Size: 3x3ft, 4x4ft, 5x5ft, 6x6ft, 6x8ft, 6x10ft

Size: 1mx1m, 1.2mx1.2m, 1.8mx1.2m, 1.8mx1.8m

Fire blankets are made of fiberglass fabric. The blanket can also be specially treated in order to gain a better fireproof performance. They can quickly smother flames to minimize burn injuries or prevent a fire from spreading.


Size: 1.0mx1.0m, 1.2mx1.2m, 1.2mx1.8m, 1.8mx1.8m

Treatment: Optional

Package: PVC bag or PVC case


--Suitable for use in kitchens, cars, ships, warehouses and petrol stations to smother flames to minimize burn injuries or prevent a fire from spreading

--As a head and shoulder wrap to keep fire and heat away

--Wrap a child or baby when escaping fire, smoke or heat

--Place between space heaters and other surfaces

--Moving or removing a hot object such as a kettle, frying pan or other hot appliances

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