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HT-Rigid Combo bag (Dark Brown Color ,Very Rigid ) Pdf download
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HT-Rigid Combo bag (Dark Brown Color ,Very Rigid )

-- Extremely Rigid, High Temp Resistance up to 1,000,

Wrinkle free & Ultimate Consistency

When molten aluminium is introduced by the Combo bag, there will be almost no Fire or Smoke.

Kingwell HT-Rigid Combo bag are Peerless in the characteristics:

Higher Temperature and Shock Resistance,

Ultra strong ,

Unrivaled Corrosion Resistance,

Slightest deformation during the whole casting process

Our Top performance distribution bag could stay rigid at normal molten aluminium temperatures up to more than 4.0 hours.

Better results in terms of bottom block filling,turbulence,metal flow,butt curl,scalping, etc., compared to sewn combo bags.

The above pictures are shown HT Combo bag offline states after longer time casting.


• Uses existing bag attachment systems and Easier to insert

At casting stage, Reduce the molten Aluminium adhesion problems and Minimum the risk of Combo bag tearing when cold drawing

Slightest deformation during the whole casting process

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